Wonder Who The Left Will Murder Next?

The Left has already been mentioning it in covert words. As we've seen on so many occasions throughout history, the Left is appaplexied over Donald Trump's win. The Communists are running scared and they are talking about assassination of Donald Trump in veiled threats. Personally I hope their plans are foiled and the Liberals are shown for the bloodthirsty, insubordinate, criminal, morons that they are. 

I find myself praying for Donald Trump on a daily basis. I pray for protection, wisdom and honesty. Lord knows that there have been enough lies, corruption, denials and destruction from the Left. The "protests" fueled, encouraged, supported and funded by the Communists are just one example of the anarchy, hyperbole and propaganda that the Left is fueling in response to Donald Trump's election win. I watched so many Liberal shows bashing Donald Trump and claiming that Hillary would win by a landslide. Apparently that's what they WANTED to happen. Despite the Left's best attempts at voter fraud, Donald Trump handily won. 

As I posted earlier, most if not all assassinations and/or attempts were carried out by the Left. The very people who have advocated for "gun control" have actually killed anyone that they felt was not in accordance with their Communist "standards". I fully expect a member of the Left to attempt or succeed in an assassination attempt. Thankfully, Donald Trump had the presence of mind to nominate a Christian as his Vice President. I find it rather ironic that Obama nominated a lunatic as his Vice President in order to protect himself and Donald Trump nominated a staunch Conservative and Christian as his Vice President. The end result will be that the Left cannot touch Donald Trump without Pence taking over for him.

As we have seen, Donald Trump has already saved jobs even though he hasn't officially taken office yet. It's rather interesting the President Obama was more interested in golfing at his favorite course than in saving jobs. While Donald Trump is saving jobs, President Obama is golfing and trying to pass hundreds of regulations to make jobs even harder to come by. The contrast is easily seen and easily understood.

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Comments (5)

  1. GovMisdirection

    It’s still shocking to witness the results of the takeover of the Democrat Party by the socialists/communists. Your reference to history is obvious, as is the eventual conclusion. The Left received a shock when Trump upset the timetable to their soft revolution and genocide of the caucasian race and religion, the very people who inspire and finance the tool of their own destruction.

    December 06, 2016
    1. willsblog

      You have summed it up correctly. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to be quick. It’s not going to be painless. Certainly it will be an uphill battle. The Left will keep trying to make up stories about Donald Trump to try and make Hillary look better than she really is. As I have said all along, the corruption goes all the way up to Obama.

      December 06, 2016
      1. GovMisdirection

        Obama was the current symptom of our problem of preserving the Republic but not the cause. He did not come up with the marching orders to carry out his socialist or Marxist revolution. Yes, the Left will continue to catch the headlines and have their lies endlessly discussed on the talk shows for the next 4-years as Trump does what? We will have to see what Trump morphs into for an answer to that.

        December 06, 2016
  2. PTF

    President-elect Trump is well alerted by threats as it comes with the job. I’m sure he’ll be protected.
    It’s known so many illegals and refugees has infiltrated our country living in supposedly sanctuary cities which are closet training camps. Trumps administration is on top of it and will never miss a beat.
    It’s good to pray for him as President-elect Trump will make vital decisions in making our country proud(great)again.
    There is a euphoric feeling around the country and it feels great.
    As for this dude ?
    I believe he or any Demo will try their best in throwing a monkey wrench in any decisions made or laws passed.
    Mr. Trump is smart and tough. Staying ahead and figure him out will not be easy for the liberals.

    December 07, 2016
    1. willsblog

      I believe that you are correct. The Liberals don’t want America to be great, employed, prosperous, well, healthy nor successful. Liberals support America’s enemies NOT Americans.

      December 08, 2016