Who Is In Charge?

I was in a fairly large department store. The little girl was adorable and that was probably why she was so spoiled. I happened to be nearby when the melt down occurred so, I overheard everything. I couldn’t tell what exactly it was that the little girl wanted but her Mother told her “no” and that was enough to start the water works and the tantrum. It was obvious to me that the little girl was not going to take “no” for an answer easily. Her Mother stuck to her guns and calmly repeated her answer of “no” to the little girl. It was a surreal situation that reminded me of our relationship to God.


There have been many times that I have heard adults who supposedly were once “christians” but who for one reason or another have walked away from the Lord. Maybe someone they loved passed away, maybe someone they loved left them, maybe they didn’t get a job that they were hoping for or maybe God just didn’t answer them or do as they believed He should. 


I liken it to the “Santa Clause Syndrome”. What is the “Santa Clause Syndrome” you may ask? The Santa Clause Syndrome is where the person believes that God is supposed to grant them everything they request. All knowledge, all wisdom and everything they have ever requested or wanted is supposed to magically appear because they asked the Lord for it. I guess they feel that they “deserve” everything they request and the Lord is supposed to shower them with their requests simply because they call themselves a Christian whether they actually are or not. In short, the Lord is supposed to be at their beck and call whenever they feel He should be rather than the other way around. Instead of the Lord being in control, these arrogant people believe that they are in control! Instead of the Lord being the Master and they the servant, they believe that they are the Master and the Lord is supposed to be the servant.


These people go to great lengths to tell you how they were “once” a “Christian” but walked away because they become “enlightened” about how God really didn’t exist. These same individuals want to ruin my faith by telling me that supposedly men wrote the Bible rather than God. In the same breath they try to tell me how the men/women of 2,000 years ago were not as “intelligent”, “worldly” nor “educated” as supposedly we are now. If that were true, how did the Bible get written 2,000 years ago by such unintelligent knuckle draggers as people supposedly were? Seems like there are some rather obvious and glaring holes in their “argument”.


Of course for those of us who know the truth, there is no ruination of our faith. We don’t question how the Bible was written. We don’t even question why God wrote the Bible. The answers are so obvious and clear that it’s hard to believe that “intelligent”, “worldly” or “educated” people are so clueless. It would be a puzzle if scripture didn’t explain why the unbelievers are clueless while believers know precisely why and how.

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