You’ve probably heard people claim that it’s “your” truth or “my” truth or even “their” truth. If I told you that I was an “Astronaut” that would be a lie. It’s not “my” truth, “their” truth, “a” truth nor even “your” truth. You can call it whatever you wish but it is a lie regardless.


The real truth is that I’ve NEVER worked for NASA, NEVER been even near a spacecraft and have NEVER been in space. It’s a way for certain people to claim that “truth” changes depending upon who you are, what is being discussed, what that person believes and whether that person agrees or disagrees with someone else. In short, it’s a way to claim that “truth” is not absolute. If I told you that my name was Arnold, that also would be a lie. It wouldn’t be “my” truth, “your” truth nor “their” truth. It simply is not true. That name doesn’t appear on my birth certificate, marriage license, car titles, home deed nor is it even a nickname. If someone called “Arnold” in a crowd that I happened to be in, I would not respond because, that is not now nor has it ever been my name.


Despite what some people will try to force you to believe, there IS absolute truth. Truth is not wishy-washy. Truth is not variable. Truth doesn’t depend on “sort of”. Truth is not partially, fragmented nor partly. It is either ALL true or it is ALL a lie. Truth is absolute.


If I tell someone that I have a cannon in my backyard, that would also be a lie. It’s not partially true. It’s not “somewhat” true. It’s not “partly” true. It would completely be a lie. I stick with what is true. It’s easier to just tell the truth than try to remember which lie I told to which person and which specific topic. The truth is always easier. 


When I have repeatedly told people to check out scripture for themselves and NOT to take my nor anyone else’s word for it, that would be truthful. After all, if I was going to lie about it, why would I tell them not to take my word for it? If I were somehow trying to force them to believe what I tell them, why would I tell them to check it out for themselves? If I were somehow not telling them the truth, it would be quite easy to verify in the scriptures that what I have said is not at all what scripture says. Then there is the Holy Spirit who guides us into ALL TRUTH. It doesn’t say that the Holy Spirit will guide us into what is popular, what it wants nor even what is false. Many unbelievers have made ridiculous accusations that I have somehow lied about what scripture says even though theycannot quote where I have misread nor misquoted scripture. Instead they will point to some other scripture that isn’t even talking about the same thing. Many times it’s not even in the same book! I have to laugh at their antics and accusations. I can’t get mad because what they are claiming is so preposterous that it couldn’t be true. 


There were many “religious leaders” of the day when Jesus walked the earth in human form who made all sorts of ridiculous accusations about Him too. They claimed that He was lying, (He wasn’t and never did). They claimed that He was uneducated, (He knew more than they ever will). The most laughable of all was that He was somehow working for the devil! Imagine, casting out demons yet, supposedly trying to work FOR the devil. I’ve only scratched the surface of the accusations that were made but, you get the point. 

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Comments (2)

  1. PTF

    I was pondering the idea of asking a liberal or Demo this question and btw,you’ve probably heard this…
    " You swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God ?"
    Truth…they won’t tell it.
    God…they would say “gawd” or “god” in which they don’t care to believe nor respect those who do.
    Is it really hard to tell the truth ?
    I think there’s a fear of sanction and/or severe punishment…in some cases financially.
    I cannot afford the risks by lying so I always tell the truth and get it over with.
    I do believe the truth will set you free.

    May 21, 2017
    1. willsblog

      The only swearing that a Liberal does involves profanity. Liberals don’t believe in “God” so they have no respect nor fear of God. Liberals don’t respect nor have any compunction to follow scripture so the Bible means nothing to them. Liberals have no respect for “the truth” so lying is considered “their truth”.

      May 22, 2017