In a previous post I said that we needed to trust the Lord for everything. I’d like to take that a step further. 


Proverbs 3:5 tells us to trust the Lord with all our heart. In my journey through life I am learning that trusting in the Lord “with all our heart” isn’t just a fancy way of saying in some things, most things or in our business dealings. Trusting in God with ALL our heart involves allowing Him to control EVERYTHING. I’m not talking about relying on a skill you might have, an ability you might have nor in education but completely and totally on God alone. 


There is a self help mentality that seems to have pervaded our society these days. The “you can do it” mentality. The “you are special” mentality. The “you are capable” mentality. The Bible seems to contradict that “mentality” entirely. The Bible says that we can do “nothing” without Christ. The Bible is saying that we can’t do it. The Bible is saying that we aren’t special. The Bible is saying that we aren’t “capable”. The Bible goes on to say that we can do ANYTHING with Christ. Is there a discrepancy in scripture? Is there a mistake in scripture? How can it be that we can do nothing of ourselves but everything with Christ? 


First off, can you point to ANY human being who can offer you real salvation? Can you point to ANY human being who can save you? Can you point to ANY human being who died for you? Can you point to ANY human being who endured 40 lashes for you? Can you point to ANY human being who can offer you eternity? How about heaven? Not anyone?


There are certain “religions” who confess “sins” to another human being who then instructs them on how to “atone” for those specific “sins”. The end result is that the “sins” are invariably repeated and the process starts all over again. God is essentially taken OUT of the equation. God is essentially left OUT of the process. While the human being may have “forgiven” the sin(s), what about God? Can the human being grant salvation? Can the human being grant eternal life? No one seems to ask what happens if the human being forgave the sin but God didn’t. Will God somehow forgive a sin because a human being said that it was forgiven? When we face the judgement of Christ, will the forgiver be present? I would refer you back to scripture rather than to rely on what another human being says, claims or tells you.


Who does the Bible say holds the keys to death and hell? When humans are judged who is it that does the judging? Who decides who goes to heaven and hell? Another human being telling you that you are “atoned” may make some feel better but who really has the final say? 


What if God would say to those people that since they “atoned” to another human being that the other human being would have to grant them eternal life? Since no human being possesses that ability, power or capability what will those people do? The words “Depart from me, I never knew you” may be what God tells them. 


Think that my logic is flawed? Let’s suppose that you owe money to the XYZ Bank. You owe money to the XYZ Bank but, the ACME Company tells you that they have done away with your debt. So while you may believe that you no longer owe the money, the courts will tell tell you that the XYZ Bank would have to excuse the debt NOT the ACME Company. The end result would be that you still owe the money. In the same way, it really doesn’t matter what other human beings tell you about your “Sin debt”, it ONLY matters what God says since He is the ONLY one who can forgive the debt owed.

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Comments (4)

  1. PTF

    Happy New Year will !
    Doesn’t cost a thing in trusting the Lord and it keeps me going day by day as our Lord will lead the way.

    January 05, 2017
    1. willsblog

      Happy New Year! Nope, it doesn’t cost a thing and it keeps me going day after day as well. I look for Him daily and pray that He will come back in my lifetime.

      January 06, 2017
  2. iwassomebody

    God offers salvation through belief in Jesus Christ. Does that make the believer perfect? Are they no longer sinners? No. They’re not expected to be perfect. People will continue to sin after being saved. We’re human and will fail. So what’s wrong with going to confession? I’m not Catholic, but I think if the person confessing is truly sorry for what they’ve done, it helps them cope. If it works for them, I have no problem with it. Priests are not forgiving the sin. Catholics are just one part Christianity and they have some beliefs and rituals different than others. They don’t allow non-Catholics to take communion, but my denomination allows everybody to take communion if they choose to do so. That’s just one example of how we are all different. It’s every denomination. Some churches don’t allow dancing. Some don’t accept divorced people as members. Some have ministers who have been divorced. I don’t think all those minor details are all that important, as long as you love Jesus and do your best to be the best Christian you can be. But don’t expect all of us to be perfect.

    January 15, 2017
    1. willsblog

      There is a huge difference between being “religious” and being a Christian or Christ Follower. “Denominations”, “Dogma”, “Theology” and “beliefs” are either man centered or Christ centered.

      March 26, 2017