Though He May Die, He Shall Live

I am the resurrection and the life, though he may die yet, he shall live.” - John 11:25 NKJV


The word “though” may not be exciting or grab your attention but, it’s very important in this passage. Jesus used the word to let us know that just because things look a certain way, does not mean that God cannot change the situation. There is a passage in Proverbs chapter three and verse 5 that says, 


Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.” - Proverbs 3:5


To better understand the use of the word “though”, let’s go to some other passages of scripture and see the ramifications of the word “though”.


If we look at David and Goliath, we see a great place to examine what the word “though” could mean. If you look at the passage we see that David was a small, young and scrawny teen when he and Goliath met. We also see that David had no military training, no military hardware and no military or battle experience. We can see that everything David lacked Goliath had. Goliath had military training, military equipment and military or battle experience. If we use the word “though” we could say that though David had no military or battle experience, no military equipment and no military training, he was victorious in his battle with Goliath. Though David was scrawny, small and young, he won against the larger Goliath. It’s pretty obvious that the word “though” has a very important meaning.


If we look at Joseph, we see another great place to examine what the word “though” could mean. If we look at the passage, we see that Joseph was thrown into a well and left for dead by his own brothers. Though Joseph was left for dead, he wasn’t. Though his own brothers threw him into a well, he had pity on them. Though Joseph had reason to be angry with his brothers, he showed mercy toward them. 


If we go back to the passage that this blog started with, we see that Jesus used the word “though”. In other words, to our human eyes, someone may look dead, may be pronounced dead, may lay in a casket, may have mourners at a funeral service and may be buried in the ground, but that individual may also have eternal life in Christ. Things may look lost as in the case of David yet, God can make things equal and new. As humans we rely on our perceptions yet this passage is telling us that our perceptions may be completely wrong. 


Jesus was beaten, spit upon and crucified. Jesus was pronounced dead. Jesus was buried yet, Jesus was resurrected. No one had ever survived crucifixion. In reality, no one, not even the strongest man, had ever survived being flogged forty times. The flesh from His back was literally pulled off. He had lost a great deal of blood. He had been beaten so badly that he was unrecognizable to those who knew Him best. The Roman guards wanted to make certain that He was dead. Jesus’ side was pierced with a spear to ensure that He was not breathing and could no longer feel pain. He was pronounced dead. It seemed as if all was lost. It seemed as if Jesus was no longer in the picture. It seemed to our human eye. It seemed to our human intellect. It seemed to our “science”. 


The Roman guards believed it. Past experience had told them that no one escapes alive from the beating and crucifixion that Jesus had received. 



… though he may die, he shall live.

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Comments (6)

  1. PTF

    My girlfriend noticed your first paragraph about the word “though”
    She said her parish priest spoke about it this morning’s weekly mass.
    I wanted to touch on something you pointed out…
    " Jesus was beaten, spit upon and crucified. Jesus was pronounced dead. Jesus was buried yet, Jesus was resurrected. "
    Folks should understand what Jesus has gone through in order to save us.
    I want to take this time again to thank you for your blog and the threads you created. I’ve learn a thing or two about being a Christian and family values in which the former dictatorship was against.
    From what I understand Thoughts may be shutting down this week.
    If I can’t get back in later this week I wish you the best.
    I want to say this now just in case this forum closes at any time. I feel it coming.
    I believe Brn has probably left.
    I believe Paul knew about this months ago…pretending to pass away.
    Again all the best to you and keep talking about Christian values through your wisdom and life’s experiences.

    September 13, 2017
    1. willsblog

      Thank you for your kind words. If this website shuts down, I will miss your insightful comments, your positivity and your support. Thanks again for being the great person you are and for supporting me and my values. Hopefully we have learned from each other as iron sharpens iron. If this site does fold, all the best to you too. Blessings!

      September 14, 2017
      1. PTF

        I’ve certainly learned from you and it was very enlightening.
        This new site Ben has created as said,it shows your personal information and house address along with Google map pinpointing your location. This will eliminate many of the membership without this site’s administrator banning folks. At this time it’s a waste of time.
        Take care will and God bless you as well.
        I hope the liberals don’t hunt me down for the well wish…lol.

        September 14, 2017
        1. willsblog

          Given the fact that Liberals are violent, bloodthirsty and merciless, I would never join, frequent nor participate in a site where your home address is listed. There are just too many kooks, criminals and evil individuals.

          September 15, 2017
          1. PTF

            Liberals would love getting a hold of you by name.

            September 15, 2017
            1. willsblog

              No doubt…

              September 16, 2017