The Work Isn't Over!

The election is just a small part of the work that needs to take place in America. Our economy is in shambles, our borders are over-run, our jobs have been moved overseas, our government is out of control, our energy policy is geared to ruin the country, corruption and flagrant illegal activity is blatant and the U.S.  military is weaker than it's been in 30 or 40 years. 


I would question that Hillary Clinton got as many votes as is claimed. I think that the DNC attempted to defraud the election AGAIN. There were more evangelicals that voted but still not even 80%. It will take time for President Trump to weed out the corruption. Like Cockroaches, the criminals will duck and cover their clandestine activities. Only the light of truth will show how much corruption, graft, greed and criminal activity has been going on so there is STILL a great deal of need for prayer. The battle isn't over in fact, it's just begun. 


The MSM will skewer President Trump at every turn. They will downplay or completely ignore his successes and publicize his problems just as they did during the election. The MSM will erroneously report what they choose to rather than what was really said or done. In short, the new President will be relentlessly pursued, lied about and misrepresented. The MSM will talk about how the lack of transparency is evident even though Obama has been completely non-transparent even clandestine in his dealings. The MSM will ask tough questions of President Trump even though they failed to ask the tough questions of Obama. They will publicize any deaths while they gave a pass to both Clinton AND Obama regarding Benghazi. It's not a level playing field, it's never been a level playing field and it will likely never be a level playing field.


Oh the economy and jobs may come back but the MSM won't give President Trump the credit for it. Instead they will surmise that it is somehow Obama's failed policies that brought the economy back. If America is attacked because of Obama's gutting of the military, they won't blame Obama but instead will blame President Trump. Every "bad" thing will be blamed on President Trump while everything "good" will be credited to Obama. The Liberals will claim that Concervatives are "war mongers" while ignoring that it was the Liberals who gutted the military thus allowing war in the first place. 


If President Trump is unable to fulfill a promise he made, the Liberals and the MSM will claim that he "lied" about something. They will claim that the Conservative "lied" while completely ignoring the comments Hillary made about landing in Bosnia under "sniper fire", which a video tape CLEARLY shows was an outright, blatant and calculated LIE. The same Liberals ignore the claims that Obama made that EVERYONE would be able to keep not only their healthcare plan but their doctor as well. Liberals and the MSM also ignored Obama's claim that his signature legislation "Obamacare" wouldn't add ONE CENT to the deficit as it has climbed to over 20 Trillion dollars. Liberals and the MSM touted how Hillary was an "honest" person as she claimed that she only used ONE device when it was CLEARLY shown that she has used over 10 devices. No, it's not a level, equal nor "tolerant" playing field yet Liberals and the MSM will continue to beat their "equality" and "tolerance" drum infinitely.


There are MANY more lies and decrepancies that the Liberals and the MSM have perpetrated on the American people. There are too many to list all of them here but if one is informed and watches the news, the disparities will be striking and clear.

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Comments (2)

  1. stevehayes13

    The elite will resist every step of the way. In order to make sure that resistance is ineffective, Trump needs to continue talking directly to the people and listening to them.

    November 09, 2016
    1. willsblog

      Yes, absolutely true. President Trump needs to talk directly to the people and the people need to talk directly to God.

      November 09, 2016