Rights? Fairness? Tolerance? Equality?

My Father was in law enforcement as far back as I can remember. When he switched agencies and went to the Sheriff’s Department there was a cruiser parked in our driveway whenever he wasn’t working. It was his cruiser. He was a road Deputy and worked a “swing shift”. That meant that he would work midnights one week, afternoons the next and days the next. He was required to attend court whenever his cases were tried regardless of what shift he was working that week. I can remember that there were days when he literally had no time to sleep. 


Growing up, I also remember him telling me that the Judge’s rule was “law”. Whatever the Judge said and put in the order, that’s what had to happen. Imagine my surprise when I grew up and realized that the Judge’s order is only valid IF it is enforced. For example, the Judge may order that restitution and fines be levied against the person or person(s) brought before them. The restitution and fines were only a formality if the probation department decided to levy them. The probation department could release a person who had NOT paid the fines NOR restitution from probation as “successful” if it behooved them. As a former law enforcement officer and criminal investigator myself, I began realizing that virtually ALL fines and restitution were NOT levied against anyone. 


As a law abiding citizen, refuse to pay sales tax and see what happens. As a law abiding citizen, refuse to pay real estate taxes and see what happens. As a law abiding citizen, refuse to file or pay income taxes and see what happens. As a law abiding citizen ignore capital gains taxes and see what happens. “Sanctuary Cities” ignore and flaunt the law and yet nothing happens. Illegals cross the border illegally and nothing happens. Once again we see that there is “selective enforcement” of SOME laws while others are winked at and ignored. Discrimination? Equality? Fairness? It would seem that discrimination and inequality is literally built into the system. 


The unborn are minimized and discriminated against so that they can be slaughtered, vacuumed up, dismembered and sold to the highest bidder. Liberals give them derogatory names to minimize them and make them seem like they are inhuman or somehow not worthy of “rights” that supposedly the rest of us have. “Rights”? “Equality”? “Fairness”? “Tolerance”?

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Comments (2)

  1. PTF

    Good post and thanks for sharing about your father. I’m sure he had to make swift but tough decisions on a daily basis. I know he has prayed to God to grant him the wisdom in making these decisions no matter what shift.
    As you’ve may of heard by now obamascare is just about to end…finally.
    This is a stat of restoring our rights and privileges of living our everyday lives with any liberal/demo interference.
    Interesting to know how your father feels about today’s politics in general.

    May 04, 2017
    1. willsblog

      My Dad passed away several years ago but, thank you for your kind words. I still miss him every day and think about him often. He had to make tough decisions while on the Sheriff’s Dept. and when he was in WWII as well. He got his start in law enforcement by being reassigned to the role of an MP. He was reassigned because he had seen so much battle that he was suffering from “shell shock” (what they now call PTSD).
      I agree that it will be GREAT to see “Obamacare” and the death panels end. Thank you for your comments.

      May 04, 2017