Name It And Claim It Theology

Using lots of scriptures and bamboozling the masses, hucksters tell parishioners that they only need to “believe” or follow what the huckster tells them to “unlock” God’s healing, blessing or some other such nonsense. First off, God is sovereign, he needs nothing and no one to “unlock”, “heal” or “bless” a believer. Secondly, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to us as believers to finish His ministry. Regardless of what the hucksters want to tell you and want you to believe, God doesn’t need them to fulfill His ability, power, ministry, grace, mercy nor anything else for that matter. He was here before they were even thought of. He was here before the world was created and He’ll be here long after. 


The huckster WILL die just like everyone else but, God won’t. The huckster sins just like everyone else but, God doesn’t. The huckster didn’t write scripture but, God did. The huckster may try to tell you that he “knows” better than you but, he is not God, has never been God and will never be God. The huckster is not righteous, he is just like everyone else but, God isn’t. The huckster isn’t omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and perfect but, God is. The huckster didn’t hang on the cross nor make a way for sinful humans to have everlasting life but, God did. The huckster didn’t go to prepare a place for us in heaven but, God did. It wasn’t the huckster’s clothes that were gambled for at the foot of the cross. It wasn’t the huckster who rose from the grave, it was God. It wasn’t the huckster who made a way for sinful humans to have eternal life. Communion isn't given to remember what the huckster did, it is to remember what God did. 


Our life is not to worship the huckster nor any man, woman nor child. We aren’t to worship an image of God, we are to worship THE God. We aren’t to focus on this vapor of time that we call human existence while forgetting that eternity awaits believers. We aren’t to focus on earthly things while forgetting that this is not our home. As it’s been said many times, “I’ve never seen a Brinks truck following a funeral procession”. 


Want to know the truth? Rather than take someone else’s word for it, read it for yourself!

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