Less Than Ideal...

Mary was pregnant and, Mary and Joseph were not yet married. The truth is that the two had not even had relations yet. Sexual sin was forbidden by God and Mary and Joseph were obedient. For Mary to turn out pregnant meant that there had been sexual intimacy or that she had somehow “cheated” on Joseph. Either way, shame, gossip and the possibility of severe penalties awaited the young couple. 


Roman and Sharia law required that Mary be stoned to death. Joseph not wanting his future wife to be killed, was afraid for her life. It was not an ideal situation. Joseph was forced to be an accomplice or allow his future wife to be stoned to death. Fornicators were dealt with severely in those days.


The uncertainty, the fear and the hurt that Joseph must have felt was more than most of us could stand. It’s why God sent the angel Gabriel to Joseph to calm his fears, to strengthen his belief in Mary and to stand strong in what must have been a very difficult situation. Joseph being a very law abiding and moral man, wanted to follow the law,  believe his future wife and somehow protect her from what was surely a death sentence if the “leaders” found out about her pregnancy.


The King of Kings and Lord of Lords came to the Earth in a very unusual way. Born a mere man of lowly parents in a feeding trough was not exactly what people would expect. Once again we see a less than ideal situation yet out of those less than ideal circumstances Jesus was able to do extraordinary things. Whether healing the lame, blind or sick, bringing back the dead, walking on water, feeding the masses or turning water into wine to “save” a wedding celebration, Jesus did it all. Over and over He showed that He was able to change hearts, minds and situations to accomplish what God the Father wanted. 


Scoffers, nay-sayers, skeptics and agnostics continue to claim that God doesn’t exist though they can offer no proof for those claims. Christians have the Bible as a biblical record that in fact God does exist. Down through the ages there have been hundreds of eye witnesses who have testified of God’s greatness yet, there are those who still claim that there is no “proof” of God’s existence. What “proof” did Joseph have? What “proof” did Mary have? Maybe you’re dealing with less than ideal circumstances right now. Maybe things aren’t going well at work. Maybe things aren’t going well at home. Maybe things aren't going well with your car or other mechanical things. Maybe the trouble is with your relationships. Whatever is “wrong” in your life, the Bible in Proverbs 3:5 says to “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding”.  



Just as Peter saw the storm raging around him yet, Christ bid him to step out of the boat. As long as Peter kept concentrating on Christ, he was upheld in the storm. The minute he took his eyes off of Christ he began to sink and drown. There is a lesson for us.

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Comments (2)

  1. DebbieA

    God’s perfect plan overcame the laws of the day! And it still overcomes in the days we live in.

    January 02, 2017
    1. willsblog

      Yep, He is still sovereign and He will always be sovereign!

      January 03, 2017