In Defense Of Constitutional Carry

What is Constitutional Carry? Constitutional carry means that if a person can legally purchase a firearm, they are also allowed to legally carry that firearm concealed or open. Constitutional carry does not apply to felons (aka “under disability”), current criminals who are committing an act of breaking the law nor those under probation or parole. 


Does Constitional Carry affect the purchase of a firearm? No, Constitutional Carry has absolutely no affect on the requirements to legally purchase a firearm. This means that there is still a background check requirement BEFORE a firearm is purchased. This also means that there is an application process BEFORE a firearm can be purchased and if that process is not completed or if someone fails that check, they are NOT permitted to purchase any firearm. 


Who benefits from Constitutional Carry? Virtually everyone however, those who are of less means (aka financially challenged), have even more to gain. Let’s suppose that someone who didn’t make a lot of money saved up enough to purchase a firearm. That same person would no longer have to save up enough money for the taxes and fees associated with that firearm purchase. There would be no permit, no fees and no costs for pictures, finger prints, etc. There would be no application process, no waiting for a permit and no fees to prevent a financially challenged person from carrying the firearm that they had saved so long for. 


Who opposes Constitutional Carry? Obviously Liberals, Democrats, Communists, radicals and criminals. 


Why would someone oppose Constitutional Carry? The arguments are endless but, they all fall into a couple of main categories.  Let’s look at some of the arguments and see how many actually hold water:


Everyone will be shooting everyone else!” - This is the same argument that the Leftists attempted to make when Concealed Carry Permits were first introduced. Supposedly there were going to be shoot-outs in the streets and dead bodies everywhere if Concealed Carry permits were allowed. I walk my dog at least twice every day and I’ve NEVER seen a dead body nor a shoot-out. I might add that I have a CCW permit, am usually armed and have NEVER once shot anyone either accidentally nor on purpose.


Why do people want a gun?” - Why do people want a house? A car? Children? Virtually everyone will have a different answer and all of them are valid. Most people want a firearm to protect themselves and their families. It’s widely known that criminals use firearms to victimize, assault and rob people. It just makes sense that people have a right to not be a victim. There is a well known saying that God made everyone and Sam Colt made everyone equal. 


If a criminal comes up I will just call the law!” - First off, this assumes that the criminal/perpetrator allows you to call the law, not likely. Secondly this assumes that the “law” is near enough to get to your location immediately, also not likely. It’s often been said and law enforcement know this better than the average citizen that when seconds count the law is only minutes away. The point is that even if you are successful at calling 911 or the “law”, the criminal may be long gone by the time the “law” arrives at your location. You may already be assaulted, raped or murdered by the time law enforcement arrives. A legally carried firearm could change the whole scenario for you and the criminal. 


"We just need to hire more Police Officers!" - While this may seem like a solution, it's not. First off we'd have to pay each newly hired Police Officer, train them, give them vacation pay, sick pay, maternity leave and retirement. Secondly, we'd have to hire literally thousands of Police officers and station them on every street corner in order to capture all of the criminals. Last but not least, we'd have to allow each Police Officer time to eat. Criminals could just plan their criminal activity for when the Police Officer is eating his/her lunch/dinner. This is again, not a solution as it would cost millions of dollars if it was even possible. 


If Constitutional carry is implemented, everyone will become a Police Officer.” - This one amazes me the most. As if all it takes to become a law enforcement officer is a firearm! Constitutional carry does not give anyone the right to kill another human being. What it does do (just like CCW permits), is allow you to defend yourself and your family against those who would victimize, assault, abuse, rob, rape or kill the innocent. This allows people to legally carry the firearm that they purchased legally without fees, permits, waiting periods nor government intervention.

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Comments (6)

  1. PTF

    We don’t have to worry about our right to bear arms without being threatened by the liberal-Demos in taking every thing away from us and levy sanctions as well.
    I don’t have to tell you or anyone else about the rise in terrorism here at home and abroad. Home invasions are a all time high(in the city where I live ,unfortunately in varies town by town)
    We need to protect ourselves from a nutbars coming after our families in our homes, malls,theaters and more.
    I can safely say our President supports Constitution Carry 1000 percent.

    June 30, 2017
    1. willsblog

      I believe we DO have to worry! Even though President Trump was elected, the Liberals won’t stop until they have taken rights away. This isn’t a time to stop, this is a time to pursue relentlessly and push back the Liberal Regime, Liberal ideology and Communism that seems to have invaded our country. There will be another Presidential Election in four years and Conservatives need to be vigilant about not letting our guard down. The Liberals will bleed our country and the working class dry IF we allow them to.

      June 30, 2017
  2. GovMisdirection

    Not much interest in this topic from either side of reality.
    I would think, by the response, that you must have asked the gun-loving Constitutional rights people to affirm they are A member of the NRA.
    I’m not sure that arming every crazy-ass liberal and Democrat is such a good idea. They do most of the killing in the country.

    July 05, 2017
    1. willsblog

      It’s true that most of the murder is committed by Liberals. It’s also true that most of the assassinations were done by Liberals. It’s also true that the Liberal narrative encourages violence and murder. I have never advocated for arming Liberals and in fact if you look at my comments, I’ve said that Liberals and radicals are the ONLY ones who should not be permitted to purchase, own, rent, buy, be entrusted with, possess or fire firearms because of their bent for violence and lack of caring about anyone but themselves. For law abiding gun owners to be a member of the NRA just makes sense. To uphold the Constitution, just makes sense. To resist the tyranny of anti-gun Liberals, just makes sense.

      July 05, 2017
      1. GovMisdirection


        July 06, 2017
        1. willsblog

          Thank you.

          July 06, 2017