Illegal Immigrants Are Criminals Too!

I’m trying to figure out why it’s suddenly “news” when a law is enforced. If something is illegal, than it’s against the law and should be enforced. I don’t see the illegal alien issue as anything different. 


For example, if a bank were robbed would we suddenly see a Liberal discussion about whether the perpetrators should be apprehended? Would we see a “news” flash about how the Police are suddenly “cracking down” on bank robbery? What about the family of the perpetrator? Would we see Liberals claiming that the perpetrator should not be prosecuted because he/she has kids? What about home invasions? Murder? Rape? Child abduction/molestation? Shoplifting? Illegal Drug use/sales? Would the Liberal media suddenly start to talk about how “terrible” it was that “those poor criminals” were being detained, prosecuted and incarcerated?


If a women were raped, would we see Liberals protesting that local law enforcement shouldn't prosecute nor apprehend the rapist? Would we see local politicians forbidding local law enforcement from apprehending the perpetrator(s)? What about murderers? Thieves? Child molesters? Kidnappers? Drug pushers? 


What about the children of those “poor criminals"? Why the kids don’t deserve to have their Mom or Dad taken away just because they broke the law. If we considered the children of the criminals virtually NO law would ever be enforced and our country would be thrown into chaos. Laws are what enable us to take a walk without being victimized. Laws are what enable us to have a civilized Society. We enforce the law because punishment of those who break the law is tantamount to an orderly Society. Children have many activities which would all but be impossible if the law were not enforced. Can you imagine what life would be like without laws or law enforcement? 


That’s what I’m seeing in the Liberal media regarding illegal aliens. The Liberal media doesn’t side with the murderer sent to prison. The Liberal media doesn’t side with the rapist sent to prison. The Liberal media doesn’t side with other criminals that are imprisoned yet they seem to think that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be prosecuted and/or deported. Welll if we're not going to enforce immigration law then why enforce any law? 


If my wife or daughter were attacked and/or raped and I was able to apprehend and/or kill the attacker, would the Liberal media find fault with me? If my home were broken into, would the Liberal media think that somehow the criminal shouldn’t be prosecuted? Maybe the Liberal media conciders the perpetrator the "victim" rather than the one who was victimized. Maybe instead of solving a crime the Police should spend their time looking into the criminal's past in order to determine why they did it so that we could give them a pat on the back and allow them to victimize as many people as they want?


As I’ve said before, I cannot fathom what Liberals are thinking when they side with criminals. I cannot fathom why someone would take the side of a criminal over the victim. I cannot fathom why someone would think that a law shouldn’t be enforced just because they don’t happen to agree with it? I'm fairly certain that murderers don't agree with laws pertaining to murder. I'm fairly certain that rapist don't agree with laws pertaining to rape. I'm fairly certain that theives don't agree with laws pertaining to theft....

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Comments (1)

  1. PTF

    This is a disaster the way the liberal regime has given carde blanche to these illegal immigrants to reek havoc across the United States.You’ll never here any of this in the (liberal-run) news as they put a lid on it. The idea is not to warn us about these people in order to protect ourselves.
    " home invasions? Murder? Rape? Child abduction/molestation? "
    All are on the rise in the last eight years along with child and black gay porn. Municipalities can’t keep up with all of this as resources are drained in a few communities.
    With president Trump now at the helm things will be brighter and safer. I will only look at the positive will and never look back.

    March 24, 2017