Identity, It's Not Just For Perverts Anymore!

A thought occurred to me the other day. If someone can be born a man and "identify" themselves as a woman and if someone can be born a women yet "identify" themselves as a man, then anyone can "identify" themselves as anything they like and it HAS to be accepted and allowed.


I can imagine morphing into whatever race, gender, creed, color or religion I wish to attend and there would be no exclusion whatsoever. Private clubs would cease to exist because, I "identify" as a member whether or not I am. I could change who I "identify" as on a daily basis. Today I feel like a women, tomorrow an African-American male and maybe the day after an Asian woman. The possibilities are endless.


The logical conclusion then is that anyone can "identify" as anything. This means that though I was born "white", I can "identify" as African-American, Asian, Mexican, Hispanic or any other race or gender that I so choose and it MUST be allowed and accepted. This would also mean that anti-discrimination laws apply, quotas apply and equal opportunities apply to ANYONE who "identifies" themselves as. This would mean that a "white" person who "identifies" as African-American can apply to a College or University that caters to African-American students and cannot be turned down because of race. This would put a whole other spin on discrimination. The "Negro" College Fund would have to accept and help ANYONE who "identifies" as African-American regardless of whether or not they were born that way.


This would also mean that employment is available to anyone regardless of race, as they may "identify" as a completely different race than what they were clearly born as. I can remember being turned down for jobs years ago because I was a caucasian male and they were ONLY hiring African-Americans or females. That barrier would no longer apply as I could just claim to "identify" as whatever race or gender they needed to fulfill their quota(s). The government would have to accept whatever the employer told them or risk discrimination charges. "We're supposed to have 25% African-Americans? Yes sir, we do!" or "We're supposed to have 24% Asians? Yes sir, we do!" or "We're supposed to have 50% females? Yes sir, we do!"


The signs on the highway state that only motorized vehicles are allowed on state highways. I wonder if I could "identify" as a car??

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Comments (2)

  1. knights68

    Nope, I am sorry to inform you that the self identification does not apply to white, straight folk. Only to everyone else but you and I. lol good effort though.

    November 08, 2016
    1. willsblog

      Ah yes, so the tolerant ones promote, advocate, support and push discrimination while blaming it on Conservatives.

      November 08, 2016