I Love My Dog!

I love my dog. I carefully select the best food I can find for him. I buy expensive food for him, I don’t care how much it costs, he is worth it. My dog is a blessing and I want to take excellent care of him.


My dog only gets filtered water and ice cubes formed out of filtered water. I love my dog. 


I believe that God gave me my dog. The circumstances surrounding his entry into my life were too coincidental to be chance. The timing was too good to be chance. The cost was too low to be chance. My dog was just the right breed, at just the right time, at just the right cost and at just the right place. My dog wasn’t pushed on me. There was no threat that he would be killed if I didn’t purchase him. My dog came with tons of accessories, all included with the price. His previous owner cared enough about him that she didn’t want him going to a bad home. She was more interested in how he would be treated than in making money. Needless to say, I wouldn’t trade him for anything. There is no amount of money that would make me sell him. He has a forever home and he’ll never want for food, shelter, water, love, play or medical attention.


I walk him twice a day. He loves his walks but they do us both good. He loves exploring and I need the exercise. He reminds me of how much God loves and cares for me. My dog is a blessing.


Even though I give him the best food and water I can, he is still a dog. If he finds a “morsel” on one of our walks he will investigate it. If I let him he will eat it, regardless of how long it’s been there. I make it a habit to scan the upcoming terrain for stray dogs and anything that could potentially harm him, including “morsels” that he may run into. I never allow him to eat what he may find. I look out for him because he would eat things that are harmful or fatal to him. I suppose if I allowed him that he would run right into the path of a car or a truck. He is a dog after all. 


In the same way, we are humans and born into sin. God loves us but unlike a dog, we have free will, the ability to think, the ability to speak and the Holy Spirit to guide us. As human beings we also have the Bible to help us, to warn us, to educate us and to guide us. Like a dog, humans may “eat” things or partake of things that are harmful or fatal to us. Unlike a dog we don’t have an owner who will pull us away from things that are harmful or fatal unless we listen to the Holy Spirit, read God’s word and abide by His warnings for us. A dog will carelessly and wantonly go about doing whatever he has a mind to and human beings are quite similar. 

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Comments (6)

  1. PTF

    Good post will !
    You will get positive reactions from dogs. They never hold grudges and always forgiving.
    Dogs will listen though they pretend to understand unless they hear the food hitting their bowls or the leashes being prepared for walking.
    Isn’t it true will their are dogs who offer relieve as you pet them ?
    Ive seen them in hospitals,senior care centers,schools and such.
    I had a dog for years and it was enjoyable. Now since my employment I don’t have the time to care…perhaps when I retire.

    August 25, 2016
    1. willsblog

      Thank you. Pets take a great deal of care so I’m glad that you are willing to wait until you retire to have one. It is true that pets/Dogs are stress relievers, pain relievers and are good for moral and many other things. My Dog always listens and never holds what I tell him against me. He does love his “adventures” (aka walks), and gets very excited when I take him. My dog has done so much for me and that is why I consider him a great blessing in my life next to my wife and kids.

      August 26, 2016
      1. PTF

        You can certainly tell how dogs as pets are treated. I take walks with my girlfriend in the park and we see dog owners walking. The dogs are well mannered and certainly cared for. One you see tugging are the first timers. Soon they will settled in after a while and get used to being walked and the surroundings.
        Btw way will as usual for the fourth time I’m getting the error messages.Whomever the site administrator is better step up to the plate and keep this place clear of errors(perhaps liberal hack attacks).

        August 27, 2016
        1. willsblog

          I’m sorry that you are still getting error messages. They may be a result of Liberal hack attacks or simply because there are issues with the servers/hardware/software. I cannot speculate what the issue(s) is/are but I know that errors are frustrating.

          August 28, 2016
          1. PTF

            The only thing working for me is my “History” tab. This is the only thing that gets me in besides your “Responsible Voice” page. I cannot respond to posted conversations(replies to my postings) nor send/receive private messages. If I clear any of the caches I would not be able to get in…and that’s what these people want….silencing the truth at my expense…too bad.
            Btw…give my regards to your best friend. At least he/she is in excellent hands and doesn’t have to worry about the liberal lies.

            August 30, 2016
            1. willsblog

              Sounds very strange indeed. You may want to check both your router and PC to make certain that they haven’t been “hacked” or changed. This would include your settings for your PC browser, your cache and your Internet connection. Sometimes hackers will make it appear that everything is in order until you attempt to access certain sites, then they will bait and switch them on you.

              August 31, 2016
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