Heaven Is...

Heaven is a Safe place


You can watch the news and you will see many terrible things. Our lives are filled with illness, disease, loss, grief, sadness and pain but Heaven is a safe place. The Bible tells us that heaven will be quite different from what our existence on earth was. 


Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of god? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolators, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.” - 1 Cor. 6:9


In other words, all of the evil that is here on earth will not be in heaven. There will be no need to fear in heaven because there won’t be anyone with evil intentions. There will be no one to harm you, take advantage of you, cheat you, insult you, scam you, steal from you nor assault you in any way. Heaven is a VERY safe place and we’ll be in that safe place for ever!


We know that heaven is a safe place also because God’s will is done there.


…on earth as it is in heaven.” - Matthew 6:10


We know that the Lord is good because the Bible tells us that He is good.


O taste and see that the Lord is good.” - Psalm 34:8


Fall is a wonderful time. The leaves are changing colors, it is much cooler and there is a nip in the air. Along with the leaves changing colors there are many leaves on the ground. As we jostle through the leaves that have fallen on the sidewalk we need to remind ourselves that the leaves are on the ground instead of the trees because they have died. Even evergreen trees lose their needles and they are replaced. Fall reminds us that death is a part of life yet, the Bible reminds us that in heaven there is NO death, NO illness, NO loss, NO sadness, NO grief and NO tears.


Heaven is a Luxurious place


I am fortunate in that I don’t worry about where my next meal is coming from. I am fortunate in that I don’t worry that I won’t have clothes to were or a place to sleep. I am fortunate in that I am able to go where I want to, when I want. I am fortunate in that I have an automobile at my disposal, it is sitting in the garage and will be there when I want to go someplace. I am fortunate in that nothing I own is mortgaged, owed on nor has any liens against it. 


I am fortunate but, my lifestyle could not be considered luxurious. My income is finite. My time is finite. My strength is finite. My ability to commit is finite. My skills and talents are finite. As a matter of fact, I am finite in that I am NOT like God, have never been like God and will never be God. Even when I die and go to heaven, I will NOT be God. He is God and I am not. I am not "perfect", have never been "perfect" and will never be "perfect". I didn't take the 40 lashes, Jesus did. I wasn't spit upon, Jesus was. I wasn't sinless, Jesus is. I did not hang on the cross, Jesus did. I didn't save mankind, Jesus did. 


In my Father’s house are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you.” - John 14:2


I don’t now and have never lived in a mansion. I’m not even sure that I would know how to live in a mansion. I hear people talk of numerous bedrooms and bathrooms and I cannot even imagine what that would be like. My house has ONE bathroom as most people’s homes do. 


I don’t live on a large parcel of land. You won’t find any golf carts or ATV’s to transport me around the property. The truth is that you can walk from one end of my property to the other in moments and without breaking a sweat. Yet, in heaven there is a mansion waiting for me. In heaven there is luxury that awaits. In heaven I will get to meet and talk with the Lord.


 Heaven is a Place of Light


How do we know that heaven is brightly lite? Well first off God’s throne is there.


Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool…” - Isaiah 66:1


The Lord’s throne is in heaven…” - Psalm 11:4


your Father in heaven…” - Matthew 5:16


Heaven has stars. Millions and billions of stars. We know this from a passage in Genesis 26:4. “…multiply as the stars of heaven…


 Heaven has NO illegal Immigration


Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’” - John 3:7


There is no illegal immigration in heaven. There are no backdoors, no illegal ways to get there and no-one to take you there except Jesus. You can not sneak across some imaginary border to get into heaven. You can not pay someone to take you there. You can not buy off a guard. You can not hide in something and get into heaven illegally. No phony ID will get you in. No amount of money will get you in. Driving the right car won’t help you. Living in the right kind of home won’t help. Having the right job or being high up in a company won’t get you into heaven. Having the right friends won’t get you in. Having the right parents, the right wife or the right children won’t get you in. Grandchildren won’t get you in. Even being a member of the “right church” won’t do it. In short, the ONLY people in heaven are there because Jesus died for them and God called them and wants them there. 

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Comments (2)

  1. PTF

    Excellent post.
    There’s always room for talking religion and it feels good to let it all out.

    November 06, 2016
    1. willsblog

      Therein lies the rub. I’m not talking about religion, I’m talking about relationship.

      November 07, 2016