Dehumanization Tactics

There have been a myriad of dehumanization tactics used throughout the years. During the first world war the “enemy” was dehumanized to make killing them more palatable. During the second world war dehumanization took place to feed the us versus them mentality that may well have “won” the war. During Vietnam pet names were employed to make the enemy less human. 


Names like “Nips”, “Japs”, “Krauts”, “Gooks”, “Towel Heads”, “Bolsheviks” and “Injuns” were employed to try and make the enemy seem less human. Looking down through history, human beings have employed names for their “enemies”. Each war brought new names, derogatory nomenclatures and ways to make it seem patriotic to slaughter those who opposed our ways. There are of course many other names for the “enemy” that I haven’t listed here. I’ll let the reader use their imagination for the rest.


It doesn't take a long time, not a lot of research and not even a great deal of education to figure out the mentality. So, when organizations like Planned Parenthood use names like “embryo”, “Zygote” and “Clump of cells” to dehumanize and depersonalize the unborn you would think that people would get a clue.  The fact that “body parts” are sold like commodities by Planned Parenthood, you would think that there would be outrage, indignation even disgust. 


In this day and age of “equality”, “tolerance” and “protecting children”, you would think that money would be secondary. Those who have declared war on the unborn will tell you that money IS secondary all while dehumanizing the unborn for their own financial gain. I saw a documentary on television where murderers and rapist were demanding to be treated with dignity yet, we treat innocent babies as “inconvenient” and “blobs of cells”. Would we sell body parts of inmates? Would we vacuum up murderers? Rapists? Of course we wouldn't yet, we treat the unborn with more disgust and more cruelty than we treat those who have taken innocence and lives. 


The unborn cannot protest, post blogs, argue with facts or challenge the status-quo. Inmates can and regularly do. The unborn cannot post articles in the editorial pages nor can they go on the radio to get the message out. The unborn cannot appear in a court of law or even solicit the Supreme Court to highlight their case. While inmates are guaranteed a speedy and fair trial, the unborn suffer in silence. While inmates have “rights”, the unborn are denied ANY “rights”. 


When a child is murdered, communities come out and lament about all of the things that the child will not be able to experience. When an unborn baby is vacuumed up like a pile of dirt, no one laments about what they missed, what they will never experience nor what they might have become if they hadn’t been “terminated” as “inconvenient” or “bothersome”. As a Society we talk about “equality” as if that is a worthwhile goal yet, there is no “equality” for the unborn and I find that rather hypocritical.

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