Are You Good Enough?

One of the things I have heard over and over again from unbelieving people are that they aren't "good enough" to go to church right now. They claim that they aren't "good enough" to come to Christ. They have to get their life in order before they can even think about accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Once they get things straightened out THEN they will come to church or accept Christ or start a ministry or...

One of the questions that should be considered is what kind of people hung out with Jesus when He was here in human form. What kind of people did God use to accomplish His will? Did the people who hung out with Christ have their life together? Were the people who hung out with Jesus "good enough" to be socializing with the God of the Universe? Were the people who hung out with Jesus "good enough" to be rubbing elbows with the Creator of all? While I'm on the subject, what makes them think that their opinion of who and what is "good enough" is even relevant? Isn't God the Creator? Isn't God the Savior? Isn't it God who will determine who is "good enough"? 

Rahab was a prostitute and sold her body in exchange for money. Was she "good enough"?


Moses was a murderer with a speech impediment and yet was chosen by God to address Pharoh and lead his people out of slavery. Was Moses "good enough"?


Paul was formerly Saul, who persecuted and killed Christians wantonly. He had bragged about his conquests over the weak Christians. Saul was later contacted by God, had his name changed to Paul and became a great preacher, teacher and disciple of Jesus. Was Paul "good enough"?


Matthew was a tax collector who collected taxes for the oppressive Roman empire. Matthew was also a thief prior to meeting Jesus and becoming one of the disciples. Was he "good enough"?


David was a mere teen, young, small, puny and lacking any military hardware or training yet he was able to face Goliath who even those with military hardware and training were afraid. Was David "good enough"? David went on to become an adulterer, is that someone who had it all together?


Jesus Christ was born to average working parents and laid in an animal feeding trough as an infant. At 33 years of age, Jesus was crucified between two thieves as a common criminal. Was Jesus "good enough"?

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