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A thought occurred to me recently. I was thinking about my children and how important they are to me. I can remember when they were young how proud I was of them even then. I wasn't proud because of anything they did, I was proud of them just because they were mine. They didn't have to do anything to make me proud, just their very existence was enough.

They are both grown now and although I see them whenever we can, I am still very proud of them. As it was when they were young, I'm not proud of them because of anything they have done (even though in my eyes they have both done great things), just their very existence is enough.

To even think of someone harming them is almost more than I can take. I can remember having pain when they were hurt. Feeling rejection when they were rejected. Feeling injury when they were injured. Feeling ill when they were ill. Feeling feverish when they ran a fever. I can remember sleeping on my knees at my Son's bedside hoping and praying that he'd live through the night as his Strep Throat fever raged. I can remember holding my daughter just moments after she was born all covered up, hoping to warm her frail body. 

Even cutting the ambilical cord, which I did at both of their births, was enough to make me shudder for fear of them feeling pain. 

I wonder how God must have felt when He witnessed His only Son being ridiculed, mocked and scorned. To witness the betrayal of your only Son for merely thirty pieces of silver. I wonder how much pain he felt at every lash of His Son's back. The agony He must have felt when the nails were driven through His Son's hands and feet. The struggle He must have experienced as His one and only Son struggled to breath. I hear "Christians" talk about how Jesus died for someone and I think, "dying was the easy part". 

Sometimes we think parenting is so difficult. We fail to realize that God is also a Father, THE Father of all. He sees not only our pains and struggles but those that we inflicted on His only Son.

There are those who claim that He doesn't exist and I feel sorry for them. There are those who blame Him for mistakes that they themselves have made. There are those who blame Him for what they have done. No matter how long I live, I will never be able to comprehend what He went through for us. No matter how long I live, I will never be able to repay Him for what He did for me.

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  1. PTF

    Reflecting back when your children was young brings back good memories.
    One may ask themselves did I do a good job raising them ?
    The “what if I…” is only second guessing. I’m sure the decisions made were the best for them which given you a peace of mind.
    Bestowing religious values and explaining why God’s love for us is important…sad to say the last eight years has threatened God’s love for us.
    Hate to derail but take a look at these kids today…
    school fights
    I’ve taken a second look at your responses.
    Seems the past admi…I mean regime has challenged our family values. I’m glad you stuck to your guns by making sure values and caring for each other overrides the ongoing political mayhem the liberals created to offset our families.
    What you seen in the “liberal” media are young people doing bad things .
    Where are the parents ?
    We need to get back to basis by caring. it should be done now since this dude’s regime is done.

    February 03, 2017
    1. willsblog

      Actually I don’t ask if I did a good job because I already know the answer. If it weren’t for God, His word, His followers, His blessing, His hand, His work, His will, His way and His ministry my kids would not be the people they are. I can’t take any credit for either one even though I love them.

      February 04, 2017
      1. PTF

        Don’t mean to switch gears but there’s a big dilemma growing within the Catholic faith which my girlfriend is part of.
        Less people are going to church which prompts church closings.
        Not sure if it’s state or country wide but I want to know what you think ?
        Why are some folks afraid to ask God for help in their everyday lives ?
        Hearing and knowing God’s word isn’t bad…just give it a go.

        February 05, 2017
        1. willsblog

          Our society does not acknowledge God’s existence. As far as unbeliever’s are concerned, God and His word are a “crutch”. As the Bible tells us, narrow is the way and few who find it. It only makes sense that the “church” will lose people as the societal message is pushed on people.

          February 05, 2017